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Larry got to here from
where he was by:

-Thinking outside of the box.
-Building a better mousetrap.
-Being clever.
-Staying humble.
-Feeding the creative side.
-Thinking of ways to make life easier for others.
-Not taking things too seriously- it makes your hair fall out. Remember, those without a sense of humor probably don't have any sense at all.
-Surprising others by doing things for them when they don't expect it.
-Thinking like an entrepreneur.
-Staying open to change.
-Pedaling like crazy.

These photos represent just a sample of the work from my studio.
For more information, contact Larry Moad at:
or call: 503/ 515-4538
What my customers say:

Your work is personality driven; very unique! What do you mean you don't have a shop?"
"I love your lamps! Each one tells a story which makes them completely unique! SO cool!"
"These lamps are really great! I wish I had room for more than one!"
"How does he come up with these ideas? Each one gets better and better."
"I think your secrete ingredient is your vivid imagination!  And those theme fabrics really pull it all together."
"I love my 'Early Bird' lamp- it makes me smile every time I see it!!"
"After my music and my bass, this will be the most treasured thing in my home. I absolutely love it! I may need to buy a new table for it!"
"Mom's gonna love this.... and my aunt's gonna want one!!"
"These lamps are amazing! I love the way they sit all askew! Perfect for a den or a family room! These are just too, too cool!"
"I would love this in a kitchen. Wouldn't it be great to have it on a timer right next to the coffee pot. When you head in for your coffee- there is light! I love all of the details that you paid attention to. Fabulous!"

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