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Java Jazz Suprise

A tossed pile of books appear to float above the table surface. Attached to the underside of cup and saucer lamp body with
crazy-stack handles is an added twist- 45 RPM records! The custom made 3-panel drum shaped shade with Jazz theme has whimsical beaded trim.

The Surprise on this lamp? Two vertical guitar picks secured to the underside of the books. When you raise the pick, it plays music!

Book titles are: Wolfing/ Move Over, Beethoven/ Music: The Keynote of Human Evolution/ Perfect Sax/ The Best of Friends.

This lamp was built and personalized for my friend Garrett Wolfe, bass player extraordinaire.  He kicks butt. Really.

Line Switch; titled, signed and dated.

(Poppy coffee/ above)

The stand alone emerald cup and saucer on the right side holds a round 'crystal' ball with a field of flowers inside. Just under the saucer is a packet of Poppy Seeds.

The entire lamp is built on top of a recycled lamp frame and a base cleverly covered with a turquoise bowl. Note the different silhouettes in the handle shapes and bodies of the cups and saucers.

 Line switch; titled, signed and dated.


Poppy Coffee

This lamp is for all of the Wizard of Oz fans. The fabric on the 3-panel shade is a light green background with one liners from the Wizard ("Stuff a
mattress outta me will ya?", "I‘m Dorothy, the small and meek"), then trimmed with a simple black edging.


The cups and saucers are mismatched to form the body of the lamp, perched on the books (titled: "Timepiece', "High Wizardry," "True Courage" and "Your Miracle Brain") all representing the tin man, scarecrow, lion and the Wizard himself.

The guy that bought it from me is a ‘HUGE Wizard of Oz’ fan and was very happy to have this original piece a part of his collection.

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