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Coffee Doodle Do

This  one  was  of course inspired by the ‘cartoony’ chicken fabric. 

The soft blue background allowed the light to show through, but still forced enough of it down over the center of the lamp to show off the colors.  The polka-dots in the chickens are balanced with the black and white beaded trim.

I started playing with the cups a little more here.  Spinning the handles opposite each other I think made you slow down a little and look a bit more.  The base is a cup flipped over and glued to the bottom of the white saucer.

Mambo Console

I found this pair of lamp bases at a yard sale covered in an off white fabric.  I really liked the shape, but one was damaged, and they wouldn’t sell me just the good one….so they gave me a better price on the two. 

They have this great bongo drum shape and were aching for a noisy fabric treatment- and I let 'em have it!!

Coffee With Jackie

The stack of mismatched cups (note the different silhouette in the handle shapes) and saucers are fixed to the lower book. The light bulb is at the top of the found percolator, underneath that custom, 4-panel lampshade covered in the glamour that Jackie was known for- perfect 2-piece suits, styled handbags and understated hats on a red polka-dotted background. And if that wasn't enough, the white elbow-length opera gloves add to the curiosity of this piece. Remember, if you pick up the percolator by the handle, the entire piece picks up!

This tribute was a lot of fun to put together! Built on a repurposed lamp frame with the base covered by a turquoise bowl; there is another inverted green bowl and saucer in the front. The book titles are "What Would Jackie Do?" "The President is Coming to Lunch" and "Why Not Everything?"

I think Jackie would be proud- even though her life was much more than this.

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