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These whimsical lamps are made from recycled, repurposed and reused items that have been transformed into something very interesting, unique and will always start a conversation!!

For more information on how to get one made especially for you, please call or email!!
503/ 515-4538

Shipping available anywhere- just ask!!

Coffee table book version with recipes coming soon!

Coffee With Lucy

Everybody Loves Lucy

This lamp was built on a repurposed lamp base, with an inverted small green bowl under the books to cover the base.

The book titles are: 'Very Much a Lady/ Television Production/ Women who Run the Show.' Above that is a red and gold heart shaped box (like  the opening of “I love Lucy)”, then a stack of mismatched cups and saucers to form the body.

The recovered shade is wrapped with a fabric with scenes from an episode of Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory, wrapping as fast as they can, stuffin' em in their mouths, hats and aprons, chocolate everywhere!!

Coffee With Dick And Jane

This one was a custom piece
for my friend  Audrey’s mother. When I asked her to tell me about her, she said that she had been in child care for over 10 years, and also very involved with her church's Sunday School program. The 4-panel shade has a coordinating beaded trim and is all about Dick and Jane at the Fair- complete with ice cream cones, pennants, a Ferris wheel and helicopter rides.

The books are titled: The Good Mother/ Green Eggs and Ham/ The Cat in the Hat/ Joseph's Coat of Many Colors/ Positive Classroom Discipline.

The body of the lamp is a mismatched stack of cups and saucers, with another on the lower level. Inside of that cup is a 'Barrel o' Monkeys' game and a silly putty egg. Now, grandma can play these games with the kids! Line switch; titled, signed and dated.

Early Bird

This  was the first lamp I integrated  some other elements into the base.  A friend of mine (Matt) asked if I could make a  custom lamp for his wife Jolene. I hadn’t met her yet, so I asked about her hobbies.

He said she loved coffee, and also liked to go ‘sale-ing’ (yard sales)  and bargain hunting .  The books are  “The Negotiating Game,” “Early Bird” and “Treasure Hunt.”  All of the cups are stacked like  as you would find them in the cupboard, and secured to the top book.  The donor base is under the bottom book and goes through the books, the saucer and the percolator base.  When you lift the handle to the percolator, everything goes with it. 

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